XF 2.2 Can't remove all widgets from Forum list: Sidebar


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I'd like to disable the sidebar on the forum list. I thought I could accomplish this by deleting all the widgets in that position, but the last widget (Share this Page) won't deactivate. I've tried deactivating it from the screen shown below and clicking through to the widget itself and unchecking the Forum list: Sidebar position. Neither removes the widget from that spot.

This is a fresh installation of xf 2.2.5.

Is this expected behavior (at least one widget needs to be in that position) or something else? Any other suggestions for disabling the sidebar on just the forum list? Any help is appreciated!

What happens when you remove all positions for the share this page widget?

Does the page save?
Is there an error?

Do you have any browser extensions installed, particularly any form of ad blocker?
Thanks, Brogan. Like I said, this is a fresh installation and this is the only issue I've experienced. There are no errors in the log. Should I submit a support ticket?
Ah, it was the ad blocker! I disabled it and was finally able to remove the widget from that position. Thank you, Brogan! I would have never suspected that as the cause. :)

Just in case anyone else has this issue and finds this thread in the future: The page did cycle and seem to save, but would always re-display with the Forum list: Sidebar position still checked. There were no errors. Disabling the ad-blocker extension on my browser fixed the issue.
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