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Nulumia submitted a new resource:

Push Notification Improvements - Convert more push users with a modernized, stylish popup, one-click opt-in, new positions and more!

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Push Notification Improvements for Xenforo overhauls the default push opt-in panel and adds handy new settings.

Push notifications can be a useful tool to promote engagement and activity on your forum. However, Xenforo lacks a more modernized opt-in typically seen on the web today. Further, the Xenforo push notice does not enable push notifications right from the popup - but rather requires your users to manually enable push features from their...

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By far the most useful improvement to Push notifications I can think of would be:
This one would also be nice:
Nulumia updated Push Notification Improvements with a new update entry:

Minified JS, Admin test mode

  • The addon will now correctly use the minified JS file on live/production mode
  • Added a new test mode (administrator only) available in the User alerts and notifications options page

** You must select "Overwrite files during upgrade" when importing this update **


Administrators can now enable a simple test mode which will always cause the notice to appear on the front-end, and does not affect your visitors. This can help...

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By far the most useful improvement to Push notifications I can think of would be:
This one would also be nice:
Thanks looking into both, as some mentioned there might be specifics in those ideas which are or aren't doable, but I'm very interested :).
It actually does look much better. Great job!
Thank you! It's meant to somewhat mimic the OneSignal approach, as many are quite familiar with their popup. And of course the easier popup hopefully will convert a few more users with the single click :)
@Alpha1 Ok so at the very least after I checked a few things, I can implement a basic stats graph in the admin (similar to new content, registrations etc) which will track the number of push subscriptions, and then take it from there.

This could be handy to hopefully see an increase in subscriptions when using the addon, as the idea is to promote more conversions.
I bought your add-on and like it. I went back to your site to buy more but it seems you can only buy one at a time. For owners running multiple sites we need an easier way to buy in bulk. Either allow quantity more than one, or offer 3 packs, 5 packs, volume discounts, etc.
There may be a bug as I had a user tell me they were getting constant prompts, he's one of my staff. He saw it in FF, Edge, and Chrome. I have now disabled the add-on to see what's going on, if others experience it, etc.
I've had to disable this add-on shortly after buying it as some users are reporting issues as noted above. Any updates or is this no longer supported already?
@NealC Apologies that support was lagging over the holiday break over this and other addons, but this issue is being patched today along with a few JS improvements on latest Xenforo.

Please try out the new patch once it's ready as it should fix the icon issue.
Issues fixed for recent reports, there were some residual errors on certain site configurations so patch got delayed.

Finishing live testing now and will be deploying shortly.
Nulumia updated Push Notification Improvements with a new update entry:

Bugfixes, Missing iconn, Javascript improvements

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the success icon not to show in certain situations
  • Improved template handling of the top popup
  • Improved Javascript handling of success, error, and unsubscribe issues
  • Improved registerworker handling
  • Fixed a bug which could cause repeated reminders to appear i certain situations
  • Streamlined custom Javascript with native Xenforo push scripts

To update your theme, please download the latest version at:...

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One thing that would be nice to have is import users/subscriptions from OneSignal. This would allow us to keep the 30k users and their subscriptions to content. Part of these users are unregistered in XenForo, but they have subscribed to Push.
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