[OzzModz] Post Edit Alert

[OzzModz] Post Edit Alert 2.0.0 Patch Level 1

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When I use

[Ignored groups that edit posts for alert]
and set administrative;

then nobody should get an alert when admin edits a post?

Because it happens all the time. I edit, and we all get a message like "admin has edited blabla"
Maybe i misunderstood the function? Perhaps it is because of being in more groups?
Yes i have the same "problem"
maybe secondary groups are not checked?

all mods / admins are primary normal users and as secondary group "moderated" as descriped in xenforo docu i think.
Push ...

Ignored groups that edit posts for alert does not work

Test: Forum1
Group: special group 1
Ignored: Admin
Admin changes post in thread in forum1 and all members of group: special group1 get an alert.
Maybe i misunderstood these function?
From my point of view, there should be no alert when admin edits anything.

And then we have this?
// TODO: Change the autogenerated stub

And maybe an option like: use only first posts
Maybe the whole add-on has some logic problems?

If a message is changed in service/post/editor
=> now check, who has checked? Someone we ignore? Ok, stop anything from here!
=> now check, where it was? Somewhere we dont care? Ok, stop anything from here!

I have done this now, you can try:

where: forum1
to who: group1
ignore: admin (who is also in group1)

edit immediately
wait 12 minutes
edit after one minute
edit after another minute

Result: 4 alerts!
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