[OzzModz] Post Moderated View Own

[OzzModz] Post Moderated View Own 2.0.0

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Is it possible to make this post editable as long it is in the queue?
What is about the time periods?

Posted today, can be edited one day, but moderation approves two days later.
Should we give the poster now one more day to edit?
Should we give him this one day after posting?
Can he edit now, when viewing, or not?
Or could he view as long he can edit (without this add-on)?
One more time:

The add-on allows users to see their moderated posts without any time limits, right?
What is with the edit time? Is this handled, too?


Peter writes a post and misses something that is necessary for his post.
Admin does not want to publish the post. The user gets info like "your post is moderated".
Now the user can edit the post, the post stays in the approval queue until the admin is happy with the text.
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