[OzzModz] New Posts Button Bottom Of Thread

[OzzModz] New Posts Button Bottom Of Thread 2.0.2

No permission to download


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Hmmm, installed but no "new posts" button. Could not find any permissions so not sure where to look now.
You would need to be in development mode to edit it. You can find it at https://YOURSITE.com/admin.php?template-modifications/
Cheers Ozzy can you give me a clue mate. It's not obvious to me what i have to do. It will be worth the donation.

For my senior members. What's new is the dumbest thing on a forum, the addon has been install 10 minutes and already people are asking where their posts have gone? But they are not new so they are excluded :doh: It is new I posted it two minutes ago and now it's gone. They just don't get it :)
Yes when whats new is clicked I want to see read and unread, otherwise I just gets tons of "Wheres my post gone?" questions. Timeframe ??
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