[OzzModz] New Posts Node Filter

[OzzModz] New Posts Node Filter 2.0.0

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This might be a nice addon.
Is this something the admin can choose or is this something the users can configure themselves?
I guess the latter one since it says it will be used on return under the default setting.

Now this is my situation. I've got a CSS node on my forum. Some users like to see those messages in their new posts, some don't want to see those css postings.
If I'm correct, this addon would enable the users to configure themselves to have this node removed from the new posts page. While others can still see it?

Am I correct?

If yes, can this also be configured so users can only filter 1 certain node, and not every node they want? Because if they can filter any node they want, it's not really usable for me.
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