[OzzModz] Forum Prefix Filter Block

[OzzModz] Forum Prefix Filter Block 2.0.1

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@gogo you might be interested in this.

What a great job you've done. Thanks!

I like that it's placed right above the thread list, nothing in between.

But.. sorry there's a but, it doesn't support Multi Prefix. So only one prefix can be chosen at a time.

To make it a prefect prefix filter,

1) support Multi Prefix or any add-on that supports multiple prefix but I guess that's the only one?

2) click any prefix icon on the bar will make it selected, click again will make it unselected.

3) when the prefix is selected, it can be indicated by some visual difference, such as a dimmed icon.

I'm not how much work or overhead it will involve but if it's doable, please consider. Thanks!
@ozzy47, would I be able to get the HTML that shows the prefixes, and then put them inside a new widget, and then adjust that widget to my liking?
It's wonderful, Thank You!
I really need something like this for the Resource Manager, any chance to add or does it exist?
Also wanted to suggest to consider adding being able to disable the filter block in individual forums or categories
I do like the idea of prefix filters. Been looking for a while now to potential add it. My issue is that i use prefixes that i don't want to show up in a addon like this. So lets say, out of the 15 prefixes in forum A i like to show 5 in the filter. And out of the 20 prefixes in forum B i like to show 8. So a option what to show in the filter (per forum) would be the solution for that. I wanted to bring up this suggestion and see what you all think of this.
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