[OzzModz] Debug & Development Mode From ACP

[OzzModz] Debug & Development Mode From ACP 2.0.0

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I can understand the reasons for including the cron, and keeping it enabled.. but the amount of times I go in to Template Modifications and can't change them.. 😵

..so I came up with this:

It's a bit primitive, but hopefully it'll help.. It also saves on clicks, linking straight to the options.

What would be awesome is adding an additional box to the above, green when it's on and red when it's off acting as a simple on/off toggle (saving another click). I'm confident that it can be done but haven't looked into it yet, but thought I'd suggest in case you like the suggestion and beat me to it.. ;)


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In a post in another recent thread, you indicated that debug and development mode switches off automatically after 15 minutes.

However, I notice this in the addon options:

Cron enabled

Having this enabled will run a cron to turn off debug and development mode. This runs four times a day, GMT/UTC time, 12:01AM 6:01AM 12:01PM and 6:01PM. It is recommended to leave this enabled unless this is a protected development/test site.

That implies that it is not turned off after 15 minutes but rather after 6 hours.

Am I misreading this?


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Is there an issue if the mode is already enabled before you install the mod? I installed the mod and ran the cron but still seems dev mode is enabled. Thanks