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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz/Banxix] Bump Thread - Update thread to appear in latest posts without replying

This is a direct replacement for Banxix's addon that seems is no longer maintained. He released the addon as MIT so I have updated it to work with XF 2.1 and 2.2

Update thread to appear in latest posts without replying.


  • Global Enable / Disable addon.
  • Can bump own threads
  • Can bump other threads.
  • Time limit between bump.
  • Max bump per day.
  • Customize permission for each node...

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An improvement over the original where the bump did not show in New Threads.

Excellent addition for finding those "no reply" threads which can easily be missed on a busy forum.
One suggestion:

I installed this and have been using it on one forum I manage and I just encountered the first issue: I accidentally bumped a thread and it seems there is no way to un-bump it.

Could this option be added?
I don't know if there was ever a option to do that, but I can look into it at some point.
Thanks. (y)

It's not a game changer in any case. Worse case scenario is you get an entry on the new threads page which doesn't need to be there but it's not like it creates any major damage.
I think it would take a significant amount of work to pull off, as this changes the date of the last post in the thread and does not save the previous date.
Understood. No worries. As I said, it's a minor thing and I wouldn't spend a lot of time on it at all. The addon does what it claims to do as is. I like it! :)
I would suggest this option:


So the button in the "Above First Post" position does not depend on the editor's button.
@Ozzie47 I enabled both buttons, the one above the thread plus the one in Quick Reply.

Members of one forum asked to remove the top button because they found it confusing there.

But the button in Quick Reply is also confusing because it makes it appear that the bumper has to write something in order to use it.

What would be best would be to have it at the bottom of the OP, like this:

Can you make that an option, please?


I misread what the two members were saying. It wasn't the top button that was confusing. It was the bottom button below the Quick Reply box. When they wanted to post a reply they were hitting the bump button accidentally.

So now I've kept the top button and disabled that bottom Quick Reply button.
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Anyone got double button issue here? Thought it shows only on custom theme but it shows on default style as well.


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^ Yes it's the same for me I'm getting double buttons . I'm using css :first-child to hide the other button for now. On xenforo version 2.1.12
^ Yes it's the same for me I'm getting double buttons . I'm using css :first-child to hide the other button for now. On xenforo version 2.1.12

Yup exactly :) . Disabling quick reply macros template (on XF 2.2) would work too.
oh my god wow GIF

I wish I could replicate this so I could fix it once and for all. I’ll check into it and see what to do.
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