[OzzModz/Banxix] Bump Thread

[OzzModz/Banxix] Bump Thread 2.1.2

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Great add-on to keep an order of threads and follow-ups of users that opened specific threads but haven't commented on them for a while.
Works great and very nice addon, should be part off XF core. Like the bump button and countdown it provides.
Useful little addon. It can be frustrating for some users when they create a new thread and it's almost immediately buried by one or more other people on a posting spree, so I've created a "Bumpers" group that allows certain users to bump x-many of their threads per day. Also useful for me as admin to occasionally give more exposure to threads I think deserve it for whatever reason.
Glad you like it and found such a good use for it. Thanks for leaving a review.
An improvement over the original where the bump did not show in New Threads.

Excellent addition for finding those "no reply" threads which can easily be missed on a busy forum.
Thanks for leaving a review.
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