[OzzModz] Adult Content Filter

[OzzModz] Adult Content Filter [Paid] 2.0.0

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Mr Lucky

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Pardon my ignorance, does this work automatically? ie if somebody posts a saucy pic, it is blurred out until the user admits they are a pervert?

Sorry that last bit was facetious, but the basic question is serious.


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Yes, this is a possible solution, but not a complete one. Here is my addon from vbulletin 3.x as i remember right:

usergroup can be adult 0/1
forum can be protected 0/1/2 = no, yes, always
thread can be protected 0/1/2 = no, yes, always
post can be protected ...

and custom protect by bbcode as you have done it.

an alternative is to protect the post instead of the picture.

Also it would be nice to read something how you protect the image, please.
Is it a complete new image?
If not, can people get the real image by watching the source-code?