Ouch: Over 150 Drop RSS Feed in One Day


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In one day (yesterday), there were over 150 less subscribers to the feed than the previous day.

I've never seen such a drop in the number using an RSS Feed. OK. I'll admit that I've never kept track but was interested to see if there was an increase or decrease in subscribers since making changes this week.


Maybe I should have been writing about Prince George ;)

Brandon Sheley

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What are you using to track your RSS subscriptions?

RSS Subscriptions are generally pretty easy to game, maybe some of those fell off.

Luke F

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Delayed response to google reader shutting down?

If it's basing reader count on an embedded 1x1 image or something, then it's quite possible it would take until now for you to see the results


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Good questions. I just noticed this today and usually ignore RSS.

The count is from feedburner display. Maybe it's all wrong ...