Orpheusdroid - android help and freelancing forum

Hello all,
The forum is targeted for general android help, android development help and freelancing. The forum is still under development and isnt popular yet. I'd like to hear about the look and feel of the forum which uses customized default skin. The link to forum is orpheusdroid

P.S: We are in need of content writers who would get special permissions. If interested, register in the forum and PM me (vijai )



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I like the colors of your forum, but they remind me of other forums. if you want people to get a mental snapshot of your forum that's different, I'd suggest using unique accent colors, like maybe a lime green in there. Blue and white tends to occur on a lot of forums. If you notice, a lot of competitive and generic brands will market their items to look like others, more well-known brands, so that people accidentally buy theirs, or cannot make a decision based off of looks, etc. So I suggest you make yours stand out a little more!

Just my two cents.