Organization owned license


I'm looking to use xenForo for updating our car club's forum. Originally (many years ago) a few guys started the club and set up things under their personal accounts. Now we elect new officials every 2 or 4 years and different people are in charge of running things, passing on the baton as needed. The personal accounts make it difficult.

Is there a way to associate a newly purchased xenForo license with the club, instead of a specific individual?
To clarify the issue, who actually owns the license? Can the club "own" the license. If any individuals leave the club or retire from administering the club needs to hold on to the license and be able to allow new admins to take over. It can't be owned by an individual who could disappear or even sell it.
I purchased a xenForo licence on behalf of my daughter's old therapy clinic a few years ago. We just used their company email address. Anyone who had the account password could access it, including me.
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