Third party Orange Email webmail issue


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Please take a look at this reported issue on my board.

To test this out, I signed up for Orange Email and collected a test email sent from the site.
Whilst viewing the email itself, the links to just about every button do change like my OP says.

Bug present in Chrome 9.0.597.107 - just about every button is affected.
Also present in FireFox 3.6.15 although not as widespread, only a few of the screen buttons within the email (IMAP?) screen are changing to "mydomain/#"

Screenshots below:

Before the email message is clicked on. Everything is normal at this stage...


Now, when the email message is opened, the screen links change to domain/#


Any ideas? Other than "© Orange 2006" as you can see at the base of the screen.
Seems a bit old to me?


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I'm not sure how this can be considered a XenForo bug when it is related to Orange webmail.

I wouldn't have thought that XenForo emails are so malformed they are affecting email clients or there would have been other reports by now.


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Thanks Brogan, that's what I was wondering. I haven't seen that before and upon searching for any issues on here, none came up at all.
Maybe not a bug then per se, possible client side (in this case: Orange) incompatibility?
I just couldn't get my head around why or even how links in an email would affect the surrounding environment/client.
Whichever way it is, it's likely to be a spot-issue going forwards for certain/maybe/some IMAP email clients?


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I can't say for sure it isn't a bug, but I'm leaning towards the issue being at Orange's end.
There could be a workaround/fix which could be done within XenForo to mitigate it.

No doubt Mike or Kier will clarify shortly.


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I'm leaning towards the issue being at Orange's end.

Brill, thanks Paul. :)
I wondered if there was a quick bit of code I could supplement at this end to circumnavigate.
Rare, no doubt. But I'm glad that it's been bought to my attention.


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Our emails actually have a <base> tag in them - looks like a fairly common thing. That webmail client can't handle it - that's a bug on their side (and actually a borderline security issue).