Fixed Options page shows value for field when there is no value

Affected version
Beta 5


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When creating a new Options field, if we have a "Format parameters" but no "Default value" then while viewing the Options page the field will show a value when there is none. This is very difficult to troubleshoot.

Saving the below example will result in the Limit field showing 1, when the field value is actually empty.


I understand that in order for the filed to get a value one must save the option. But it's too easy to just assume the field has a value already because the field is showing a value.


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This is fixed for the next release. We won't "coerce" values for display. If you have an invalid value (based on the min, for example), we won't manipulate it when displaying.

All number box inputs with a min specified will now be marked as required as well, to prevent a blank value from being submitted (which would bypass the min constraint).