XF 1.5 Options for storing only gallery image data off-site?


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I have seen 'bd attachment store' but I am looking for the most simple solution (only concern is gallery data). What I had in mind is the following (which may or may not be possible)

current location of gallery images:

Move /xengallery folder to Amazon S3(or equivalent cloud share)

have my server mount the volume at S3 containing /xengallery

have my local server filesystem think local /xengallery is actually the the mounted share at cloud service.

Is this possible and is anyone doing something like this? Thanks!

Chris D

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/public_html/forum/data/xengallery is actually only the thumbnails.

The gallery full size images are just attachments, and so they're intermingled with the rest of the forum's attachment data in /public_html/forum/internal_data