Fixed Options "adsDisallowedTemplates" not working

Affected version
Public Beta 2


To reproduce:
  1. Add template page_view to templates that should prevent ads (adsDisallowedTemplates).
  2. Create a new ad position eg.: "pagetest".
  3. Create a new ad to display on that position.
  4. Create or edit page to contain the code for that ad position: <xf:ad position="pagetest" />.
  5. Open the page in the frontend. The ad is rendered, although the template page_view is used.


XenForo developer
Staff member
This should be fixed now. Previously, we only exposed the page-level template to the PAGE_CONTAINER template, but I've made changes so that data from the AbstractReply object is now always available in $xf.reply, which includes the template requested by the controller amongst other things.