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Option to turn off needless attachemnt box?

I'm using the test demo.

Came across this weird problem where, if I upload two pictures, the first picture shows up full sized and the second picture is only shoing about 1/3rd of the image. I have to click it to show full size.

That is not good, is there an option to turn this resizing second image off? ( I think it is the attached files: box which is not needed if I display attachments inline as anybody could see that) Cos I could not find it in the demo admin for attachments

Also I do not want to spam so will put my minor second issue here, Avatar is not fully resized, I had to move it down to show the whole head, That is just cos the board is using GD I guess? vBulletin resizes the entire image into the avatar without having to leave out any part.

Please understand, I'm just trying out this new forum software hence me trying out the demo, not out to bash or anything. Just considering alternative forum options is all :)


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Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
With image attachments there are a number of options.

What you've done in that post is inserted one of the images full size into the body of the post, and not done anything with the second image.

The second image is just listed in the Attached Files block.

The solution is to edit the post, go to More Options, then click Full Size next to the second image which will insert it into the post.
Tried that, now that the image below is full size and on top and the blue image on top is now on the bottom cut in 1/3rd. I tried again doing full size to both of them, no changes. Even with "insert every image as full size" does not fix it.

Also is there an option in admin cp to disable the attach or full size option, As admin I want to control that and remove the attach and make full size the defaut and only option?

All this does is just confuse new people, people want to upload, just upload the thing???

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I'm not sure I fully understand the issue you're facing. Did you want to try it again in this thread (it's more or less the same version of the software) we'll see if we can work it out.

You could quite simply edit those controls from the template so they aren't available.

Templates are very easy to manage in XenForo. Upgrades are painless because of the way that custom templates can merge with default templates.
It would be nice to be able to turn off thumbnail option, thumbnail/full-size caused lots of confusion with another forum software, after we disabled thumbnail completely, all complaint disappeared.