Lack of interest Option: Count likes made in this forum towards user total

It is somewhat common for boards to have a spam/testing section to allow forum members to mess around and it is great that we have the ability to not count posts made in these sections by using the setting in Forum Options for the node.

What I would like to suggest is that there be an additional option in the 'Admin Control Panel -> Applications -> Node Tree -> (forum) -> Forum Options tab' called "Count likes made in this forum toward user total", and the description "If disabled, likes made (directly) in this forum will not contribute towards the posting user's total like count." with the checkbox ticked by default.


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Yep, forum game like spamming abuse to fake-up their reputation on forums is a problem. Especially when we let users earn badges and virtual currency based on positive posting. Right now we've "fixed" it by having a if condition in the template to not show the like if it's not the first post of the thread.