optimize gallery list querys


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ive mentioned this a couple places, but dont think i ever made an official suggestion/inquiry so here we go!

XFMG main page takes too long to load for large gallerys(10 seconds or so)......the suggested staff solution of "just hide older images from view" does not work for us as we want all images to be browsable.....

as i understand it so far, it has to do with an inefficient indexing issue of the data...so far i was curious to try having something like this implemented as a custom solution, however current budget constraints etc blah...

xon told me he could take a look but thats as far as i have been able to get....

is it possible by custom solution? details?
is there any interest by xenforo to address this?
will attachment mirroring make this problem worse? (i understand its not adding more images to the DB but if the indexing is the issue i can see that getting worse as we will jump from around 300k to 600k images)

any hopes for us?

as things are for now, it is one major deterrent to anyone browsing or using the gallery...

we are on a decent dedicated arch linux/nginx server, shouldnt be any fundamental server limitation.....really like to know how to improve this tho!

thank you
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