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fahad ashraf

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Hope you all will be fine its general opinion want to ask a question from all developers . For example i make a deal with a client for implement apis on an add-on lets say there is different companies that providing same services every one has own apis and different way to implement it .so we make a deal and select a company that we should implement this on our add-on and i done all my job but due to some wrong usage and break the privacy policy from client that company block my client account mean he is not able to further use that apis . So client want implement now other company apis he will not pay extra is it right ? Or he should pay at least 25 to 35% more because basic structure is ready just need to change implementation of opinion its general opinion :)


Client doesn't tell anything about his usage on the way he wants to use it .



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I have the philosophy that devs should add here and there small stuff to the agreed work. Because often you cannot foresee everything perfectly, and some stuff has to be changed or you need additional features. This is what I understand under "support".

But in this case I would say this is different. Unless it is very trivial and very easy to support other APIs, this request is basically asking a new thing. Although, shouldn't all APIs be more or less the same, that is why it is called API? Anyway, for me it looks like a new work and not an additional feature.