XF 2.1 Opensearch for XF 2.1

Wildcat Media

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In XF 1.4/1.5, I was using Opensearch to allow users to search the forum via the address bar. It worked with no issues.

In XF 2.1, can we still use GET to perform a search? What worked in 1.5 is no longer working for 2.1, as I can't figure out the URL to use for the search. Here is what I used as the template for 1.5:

<Url type="text/html" method="GET" template="https://www.xxxxx.com/index.php?search/search%amp;keywords={searchTerms}&amp;o=relevance"/>

I tried a similar URL for 2.1 and a few variations, but didn't get it working. As noted in a previous thread, the ampersand & must be spelled out as the entity &amp; in order for it to work.