Lack of interest Open Graph and Social media embedding

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I’d really like much, much better support for embedding rich links from other websites and from social media.

A user pastes the following link into the Embed Media Button:

When no match is found for the site in the media list XF would look for any Open Graph tags in the page. If it finds them it extracts them and inserts them into a template in the post.

So the embed would look like this:
Bank of Cyprus chief Yiannis Kypri 'sacked'

  • BBC News
  • 27 March 2013
The chief executive of the Bank of Cyprus has been sacked, reportedly at the behest of the country's international lenders.
I’d also really like Embed Media to support embedding tweets. So I can just put in a link (or embed code) to a tweet and I get something like:
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