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OP has URL in it, grab description and add to bottom of OP


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I'd like to have a mod that works like putting in a URL into facebook or google+ that it pulls in the URL Title and part of the page and puts it at the bottom of the OP maybe in a quote tag.

I think it would help start discussions since some people will just put in a link and say discuss.

Is it possible to do some mod like that? Depending on the development costs, I would be willing to make it a paid mod. Options would be just the OP or all posts would generate the quoted description and URL grab.


I'm working on an mybb add-on for this.
Let's see if i can finish it & if i have time to port it to xf


me too^^

but that's really complex if you want to have it like on facebook
the easiest part is to grab the title, but the relevant infos are very tricky :(