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I'm wondering if there are any existing add-ons that would REQUIRE users to upload a photo for every thread they start? The new thread layout would revolve around the act of taking/posting a photo with everything else (title, tags, etc..) being secondary in nature. So... I suppose more instagram-like.

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You could maybe do that with the Social Groups plugin and set the group to have a media only section (without a group forum).
That way the poster would have to add a media item to create a post


Not a bad idea. I haven't played with Social Groups or the Media Gallery features/add-ons at all. I was hoping to approach this by adjusting the New Thread template, using design tweaks to simply focus by prioritizing photo posting in the UX.


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It might be overkill for what you're after but Snog's Forms add-on could do it. You could use the "file upload" as one of the question types and then make it a required field and then associate that form to the forum in question. The downside is that it's a 1-to-1 configuration so if you want to require it in multiple forums then you'd have to define multiple forms but it's a nice add-on.

But (and there's always a but)... I think it'd be simpler to just have a custom addon that (a) for the designated forum IDs (b) checks when the user goes to save the new thread if (c) any attachments are present and if (d) those attachments meet certain criteria [eg: must be at least one image bigger than X-by-Y].

Using the Forms add-on you could tailor the UI more to your liking (eg: specific questions/fields and in what order they appear, which are required, which are option, any value validations, etc.) but it really would be an overkill if the only goal is just to ensure that there's an image attachment when a thread is created.
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