Add-on Ongoing Developer Required

Sam Pearson


I'm looking for a XenForo developer for ongoing work within my community.

We have a few add-ons and some custom dev work done already but unfortunately the original dev isn't available anytime soon.

We have built a training log feature. This means our users log a workout and it creates a post on the users thread (training log). There are three projects which I'm looking at completing over the next 12 weeks or so but I'd like to get started as soon as possible.

1) Convert LB & KG - some of our users use LB and some use KG. Their preference is listed in settings. If I use KG, my best lifts display in KG. If someone else uses LB, their best lifts appear in LB. I want this to be converted, so if a user has KG selected any users best lift will display in KG and vise versa.

2) Display medals/achievements - when a user logs a lift which exceeds a specific weight, they will achieve a medal. This medal will display on their profile card in the sidebar, it will also send an alert to the user.

3) Display a calendar on training log - a calendar will be displayed on the users training log. On the calendar, you'll see the dates in which the user has logged a workout. If they click on the workout date, they will see the workout for that date.

If you're interested in forming a long term business relationship, please PM me on here or Skype me at sampearson1995.

Many thanks,