onForumPreSave / onForumSave ForumType handler

DragonByte Tech

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Currently, there is no variant of onPostSave for the ForumType handler. This would be useful in case external tables should be updated based on changes to the forum / type config.

public function onForumPreSave(Forum $forum, bool $isTypeEnter)
public function onForumSave(Forum $forum, bool $isTypeEnter)

Use case: I am converting my "eCommerce Tickets" add-on to store the forum's associated product ID in the type_config rather than in a new column. Additional ticket data is saved in a separate table (the data wouldn't be suitable for storing in the thread table), and when the product ID is changed I would like to be able to mass update this separate table.

I know I can extend the Forum entity, but I've been able to eliminate 100% of forum/thread related extensions and template modifications due to how comprehensive the ThreadType system is, so it would be great to be able to achieve this too :)
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