XF 1.5 One User has their post sidebar minimised.

Hey all.

I noticed recently that one of my users has their profile sidebar minimised, if you hover a cursor over it, it shows as normal.

I've searched the admin panel in an attempt to find a setting (in either the user group or in the users own settings, or custom user settings) and my search has come up empty.

No other user is having this issue, only "AutoMod" (a small personal project I'm working on :p )

Any help would be appreciated, I've attached a screenshot of before and after hovering over the profiles.



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  • after hover.png
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Steve F

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I see the below CSS being loaded on that user's mesageUserBlock element so I can only assume you have other CSS transitioning the extra user info element to show on hover.

.postbotMessage .messageUserBlock:not(:hover) {
    float: right;