Not planned One trophy for reaching 10 posts, 1 trophy for reaching 100 likes etc


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I don't like how the trophy system works (I'm allowed to not like it). I think there should be trophies, but not trophy points. This is misleading and will require all admins to explain how the system works over and over to the users.

Instead, you should get 1 trophy for doing X, instead of N trophy points. Complicated math just complicates the running of the forums.
Dream - why not just give 1 point for each trophy? The user still can see which trophies they've received. I like the idea of different trophies being harder to aim for and get, but can also see why it would be complicated to explain over and over. My guys still panic whenever they see a warn meter showing zero. :)

Maximillian ... there already is a karma/reputation system though isn't there - the number of Likes someone has received? Or have I misinterpreted what that's for?


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The number of likes it's not a true reputation system because we can't like directly an user and dislike a post...missing negative feedback (i prefer the Youtube system +1 -1)

My idea of reputation system is more complex, one example:
Likes received for posts:
Likes "directly received (it's a sort of personal appreciation):
(Warning/Infraction by staff decrease the karma)

The total of this factors (it's only an example of factors) is the karma. More useful IMHO.


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I see it working like an achievement system, sort of like what you find on Xbox Live. Your Gamerscore might have a few thousand but it's made up of a handful of achievements actually unlocked.

Since you can set up the title of trophies and how many points they're worth, I imagine that might simplify it?


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Trophies are more like achievements, while likes are to show if someone posts good / funny / interesting / useful stuff. No need for a dislike button either, this way it's all positive. And you can figure out for yourself that if someone has 10.000 posts and 1 like and someone else has 399 posts and 400 likes, which one is likely the better one.

As far as likes mean anything at all, of course.


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Just FYI: If you don't like the trophy points, just set every trophy on your board to 1 point.

I can see a use for the trophy points myself... though it's not in my head right now it'll come to me!