I wonder if there is a limit, how many times a forum post can be edited? After our forum migration I wrote a post describing what will still change in the near future. Almost every day I have updated that post, perhaps over 40 times or so.

Now the post has suddendly changed to uneditable. There isn't any option to edit it, just delete. All my other posts on forum are alive and well.

I can manage that thread with Andy's addon, which changes the post date. I can move another post before that nasty first post. Then I can cut and paste the text from the uneditable one to the new first post and then delete the problematic one.

But am I even close the actual reason for this weird behavior?

Another thing that happened some times ago was a mains blackout at our host. Due that incident the database got a crashed search index table. I managed to heal it with PhpMyadmin. I was still able to succesfully edit that post after that crash, so that blackout supposedly isn't the origin of this flaw.

Another question is: would it be possible to perform some kind of service runs for the database? If there is some recommended way to act after such crash, I'd like to know.


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There is no limit on the number of times a post can be edited.

Most likely the edit time has expired - you can change that in the permissions.

If there was some sort of server crash then it's possible there is some database corruption.