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XF 1.2 onChange event for selectbox

in a template I have a selectbox which shall be dynamically populated when another selectbox changes its value.
so I defined an 'onChange' event in the selectbox tag:

unfortuately, this does not appear in the sourcecode. Did I make a mistake or is this intentionally suppressed?
How are you creating the select box?
<xen:select name="channels" value="" title="Channel" inputclass="Tooltip" id="ctrl_channels" onChange="javascript:toggleChannel(this.value);"></td>
xen:foreach loop="$channels" key="$index" value="$channel">
<xen:eek:ption value="{$channel.id}" label="{$channel.name}" />


Well-known member
Yeah, you can't attach an onchange using xen:select. You'll need to add a class and attach a JacaScript event.