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XF 2.0 On/Off Checkbox with Text help!


Previously Cylent1
I am new to learning arrays and I need a little advice on using a on/off checkbox with textbox option.
I know to use an array because I looked at options that call for this.

Say if I have a option ID of ''footer_copyright" and in the options, I list the type as ''On/Off Checkbox with Text",
this is what I have in format parameters:
And if Default Values:
And in Array Sub options:
And the Validation callbacks are empty as they are in the option that I am following from.
I can get the word "array" printed to the screen where I need the copyright to display, but thats it.
Is there something I am missing, like a php file with an array in it?
Any Help is Much Appreciated!
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You haven't shown the code you're using to access the option, but I have a guess of what it is. Dump out the value and I expect you'll see what you need to do:
{{ dump($yourVariableHere) }}