On mobile, upvote on right not left


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I've had no problem with the voting so far, but tonight was on mobile and found it strange to vote UP on the left side of the number.

This is the current way:

xenforo vote arrows mobile.jpg

To me it is natural for it to be:

V [2] Λ

- [2] +

Also, side note: I had to scroll up and down to see if this was to vote for the post above or below it. The white space between the reaction bar and the vote bar makes it looks like it's part of the post below because it's all greys.

Upvote 8


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I agree. Having upvote button at left confuses me too.

In general, it is a good practice to place something good/modern at top right corner (right side in our case) and something bad/insignificant at bottom left corner (left side).

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