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[oman] Justify Text BB Code

[oman] Justify Text BB Code 1.0.1

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oman submitted a new resource:

[TH] Justify Text BB Code - Format your text justified!

This add on adds a BB Code which allows you to align your text justified when wrapping the text in [JUSTIFY][/JUSTIFY] tags.​


View attachment 75714

Once installed, a button will be present within the XenForo editor:

View attachment 75713
An explanation will also be present within the BB Codes help page as follows:

View attachment 75712

This add on is compatible with XenForo versions 1.3.0 and above....
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Hello oman,
Is it possible to have the justify button inside the Alignment list?

It would require an add on to do so, and editing of the core files. You're welcome to get someone to extend upon it if you want, but not really something I plan on implementing.


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Are you installing this via AdminCP -- Install Add on? You need to upload the XML file there, not in the bbcode import part. Installing it as an add on does the bbcode for you. :)
No I wasn't :D

Sorry, I should have read the install notes properly I just assumed it imported via bbcode importer [face palm] ... Thanks!