XF 1.3 Old messages are disappearing

I recently switched to XenForo from vBulletin 5. I had someone migrate all of my data over. Because I was busy, I hadn't posted in my forum for a few weeks. I am now getting caught up and I've noticed that when I respond to a message, it disappears when I return.

I assume that there is a setting that controls this. Can anyone enlighten me on this subject?



I do not have any add-ons. I didn't explain the issue very well. Newer messages remain visible, but once I have viewed an old (perhaps more than 30 days) message, it is no longer visible when I return to that forum. The recent activity is me going in and answering questions. Those posts remain visible. When I have looked at old posts, however, and then exit the forum area, I can't see that post again when I return.
Take a look at the very first sub-forum (Forum Administration). There is a thread concerning password problems. You can get to it by clicking on the link in the main display. Once you have viewed it, however, if you then go to Forum Administration, the only thread that is visible is a sticky. The other thread can't be seen.


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Are you sure you don't have any add-ons installed?

I see duplicate content with identical thread and post IDs in multiple forums.
I saw that too and I think I figured it out. I had someone import my data from VB5. I now see that Forum Administration is a category and Notices is a discussion area. I'm going to go back and modify them appropriately. I apologize for wasting everyone's time on something I should have spotted immediately.