Off server storage for backups - what do you use?


my hosting is in Russia. as most visitors are from Russia & Asia. you should choose hosting to country closest to you users.
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I've been using zrepl to stream frequent filesystem snapshots (using OpenZFS) from a live server to a backup server on OVH/Hetzner. Zrepl then ages out snapshots on a fairly flexible cycle.

I've used this several times to create point-in-time recovery of the entire live site. This is important as it makes activating a MySQL backup instance a matter of seconds, not the better part of an hour (or more!) to restore a logical dump into MySQL.

There are also MySQL logical dumps which are then export to a 3rd location weekly. This uses a snapshot on the live system and then a single purpose MySQL instance to dump the database without needing to touch the production setup.

Note; Due to shipping binary mysql files; you must use identical uarch and the same (or newer) MySQL/MariaDb version on the backup server if you are going todo restores.


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Thanks everyone for your inputs

It turns out I have RAID on the server and the disc is mirrored to a second disc should the first disc fail.
I've also installed JetBackup on the server for cPanel account backups, locally.
And using WHM I have a daily system back up cron which is stored remotely on Google Drive, just in case, and so far using compression it falls within their free 15Gb limit.

I've ditched AWS (Amazon S3) as unnecessary now.