Off forum meetings...


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We like to meet 'off forum' in real life.

A few of us did a quick reconnaissance trip this weekend for an upcoming meeting and I thought I would share if anyone is interested. This is a few hours north of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA).

Approaching the meeting area

Looking up from camp, the tiny green specks above the snow are 10-15 meter pine trees.

On top of one of the many mountains is a lake

Lots of snow higher up.. and it was snowing quite hard.



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How do we know you didn't just go there by yourself, Dean? I don't see anyone else :p
Well, how do you know I was the one to even take the picture? :p

My #2 person on our forum was there, and one other person. Although there were others not connected with our group there. I did say it was a recon trip for something 2 weeks later.


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Awesome shots Dean!

What might this super secret recon mish be gathering intel for...or is this a eyes only op?

:D Sorry couldn't resist the wording.


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I know I was just having fun with words :) I do really have to ask though how you get to the lake on top of a mountain?...I think I see one road/path in the pictures.
I took the road :) There are roads everywhere

Even campgrounds higher up as well, although about 15C cooler than in the valley at the moment