Oddity with search_bar template

Jake B.

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On the board we use to develop UI.X (We're running 1.5.0) the last edit time on search_bar in the master style is August 10. But we have a few customers who are also running 1.5.0 that are saying XF is saying their search_bar template is outdated and that it was last updated on August 18(the same day XenForo 1.5.0 was released). Was there any sort of silent update to 1.5.0 after it's initial release that would have caused this? If not any idea why 2 installs of the same version would have different update dates for the same template in master style?


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This happened to me twice, once each with two different templates, during two different upgrades of 1.5 beta (x). The templates affected for my site were not the search ones. I mentioned it in the XF 1.5 discussion thread (or in the thread I started that was promptly replaced with the "official" one by brogan), but no one on staff seemed to care enough to discuss why that would happen. Maybe now that you mentioned it, one of the staff will take it seriously and look into it for you.

I just re-saved the templates that were affected, and if IIRC there were no changes to apply (even though they were flagged as out dated), and they were no longer listed as out-dated.

Jake B.

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The fix I had was just to re-save the masters that were affected
yes but that is saving and reexporting and repackaging and redistributing around multiple themes, which is easier said than done. Would like to at least know why this happened before taking the time it takes to do this.


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Last edit dates are entirely internal to an install. They're not exported. They reflect when the template was actually changed on their installation.

Here, it literally means that the parent version was updated after the child version, which by extension would normally mean it is out of date. It's possible there could be a logic change here to prioritize a version difference first in the template, though that might have knock on effects in other scenarios. In this case, it could mean the user actually installed your style (presumably for 1.5.0) before they actually installed 1.5.0 itself.

Mike Creuzer

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Over the years this has happened to me a lot. I've thrown my hands up and just said it must've been me.

Just in the last release of UI.X we've had it happen to us and the members (Ill assume all). I know for a fact that I exported the theme with search_bar template merged in. I go to upgrade the theme and it is still marked as outdated even though the contents of the template are correct.

Its not a huge issue, its just one that causes a lot of people frustration (with us) and I generally don't know what to tell them :p