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NYCFC Forums - A Labour Of Love

Discussion in 'Forum Showcase and Critiques' started by NYCFC, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. NYCFC

    NYCFC Member

    My custom skin doesn't show but you CAN activate it on the bottom left (NYCFC)
    Also there is a forum halfway down that is accessible to guests so you can look at the post aspect of the design.
    I had to take it off to get a few kinks worked out before I make it the default again.
  2. Dakis

    Dakis Well-Known Member

    Love the footer on the custom skin :)
  3. Case

    Case Active Member

    Looks great, nice work.
  4. NYCFC

    NYCFC Member

    Thanks guys. We are back online now after a host migration.
  5. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Nice, I like your custom skin :) Good job!
  6. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    looks great! Who did that for you?

    If i can suggest anything, perhaps put a border around your quoted posts as right now it merges into the actual post too easily and hard to notice...or perhaps put different background colour for them etc.
  7. NYCFC

    NYCFC Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see if I can do that on my own. XD not very knowledgeable with the design/code aspect yet.
  8. Kelvin

    Kelvin Active Member

    I like your custom skin looks really good.
  9. Goodfella

    Goodfella Well-Known Member

    +1 i like it. Good job!

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