Fixed Number of member's media is not changed after deleting the album

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Hello, after upgrade for v 2.0 for some of my members are counted soft removed media ....

for example:


Rebuild user counts do not help me....


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found the files in the database, opened them, they are listed in the deleted album, but look like not deleted if album was open....


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I created a new album and upload two files.... deleted this album.... now my test member have a two ghost media counts on his profile page.


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Hello, @Chris D!

Can you fix this problem in next release?

On my forum in tab "Most media items" listed people who deleted their all albums with media and do not have real medias.... but they listed with a large number of media

Thank you.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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This is fixed for the next release.

You will need to run the "XFMG: Rebuild user counts" rebuild after the update to ensure the correct counts are displayed.