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Nulled XenForo


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What happends if someone uses a nulled xenforo?
You can report the site that is using a nulled copy. However, if that site is being hosted off shore, somewhere where the copyright laws are not respected, I am afraid that nothing much can be done about it.
XenForo licensed = legit/copyright
XenForo unlicensed = illegal/uncopyright is pirated many posted from website nulled community crap...

Is here,
Hackers can use BASE64 attacks on your forums and take over it.
Backdoors and info leaks are always in nulled versions.

Just buy the ****ing thing.


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Don't do it man! Their watching?!


No seriously though, if you know of a null, report it, if your thinking of doing it, don't be foolish...buy the real deal.
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