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Nottingham Anyone?


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Anyone here from or live in Nottingham UK? I have a three year assignment there starting next year and wondering about the place. I'll be at the UNI. I'll be moving from the US hot south.

Would like to know the average weather, winter, spring summer. Fun spots? Bars? Theaters? Camping places? I know I can find some of this stuff online but would appreciate your take on things.

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LOL Rob... It's cold in the summer too? By cold do you mean bone chilling cold or witch's *** cold?
Not "properly" cold by US standards but definitely not warm.

"Nottingham: Annual Weather Averages. July is the hottest month in Nottingham with an average temperature of 17°C (62°F) and the coldest is January at 3°C (37°F). "


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Well that's isn't fun to read. Can you elaborate? It's hard for me to get a real feel for the place via companies who always give a rosy picture of everything.
Like most places*, there are some rough bits that you should avoid.

It's a huge student city and it's as safe as anywhere :)

Edit: *Kabul, Mosul, Baghdad :p
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Mr Lucky

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I've often wondered why, but whenever you hear of some heinous crime on the news, they always seem to mention "Nottingham Crown Court"

Chris D

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Well that's isn't fun to read. Can you elaborate? It's hard for me to get a real feel for the place via companies who always give a rosy picture of everything.
Ignore Slavik. He can't talk considering the dive he lives in ;)

I lived in Nottingham for 18 months and met there some of the nicest people I've ever met and my wife and I have remained close friends with them. Only live a stone's throw away from the place now, in Loughborough.

Great night life and lots to do. Nottingham City Centre is home to "The Cornerhouse" with some lovely bars, restaurants and a cinema. Nottingham is home to the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham which is probably the best concert venue in the East Midlands - most acts go there to perform and tend to give Leicester a miss, despite Leicestershire being larger than Nottinghamshire. There's an ice rink there too. Various theatres.

I like some of the events they do in Nottingham in Old Market Square. They turn the entire square into a beach (sans the water) for 6 weeks. http://www.nottinghamriviera.co.uk/ I imagine they'll do it again next year.

Great transport. There's a tram system for getting around the city and good links to other parts of the Midlands via train or car. Good transport links to London too. Most trains take less than two hours to get to London.

As for safety, it is as safe or as unsafe as any other major city.

Liam W

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I just realised I still haven't visited much of the country I actually live in... I went to Belfast last week - my first time in Northern Ireland. I've only been to 5 UK cities - Preston, Lancaster, Manchester, London & Belfast.

At least I'm out of Barrow, that was a ****hole. Still is.

Anyhow, I recently figured out that I like travelling on planes, so international visits are better than national ones.

That's it? It was about 20*F when I left home this morning :\
Huh. I might like it where you live then. Nothing wrong with a bit of cold.