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Add-on Notify user when his post gets soft-deleted (hidden) with corresponding reason.

Hi, I would like to notify users on my forum when their post gets deleted with soft-delete reason with some kind of "Your post was hidden with reason: xxx" notification (clickable to specific thread). We used to hide posts with reasons like "take that to private messages" or "check your spelling and try it again" but now I realized, users can't see these delete reasons and they are sometimes clueless why their post is no longer in thread.

Is there some kind of Add-On capable of doing this? Or could someone make one?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
You could probably use the warning system.

You could create a warning with zero points, so you could issue as many of those warnings as you like, they won't get banned, but they're useful as an audit trail for future action, and make users more aware of when actions have taken place, and why.