XF 2.1 Notify inactive members, move them to groups,...


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I'm looking for a plugin or maybe core options in order to notify members if no activity since a few weeks, months,...
I also want to move them to a specific group with all permissions set to "never".

Displaying a banner or a notice is perhaps a good thing for inactive members...

Is there any plugin or core options in order to manage inactive users?


Jakko W

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You can make a user group with the appropriate permissions set, then add a user group promotion to that group if the user hasn’t visited the forum for a certain number of days. This doesn’t notify them, but does take care of the second part of your question.

Displaying a banner as a notification would be illogical, I think: the user would need to log in to see that banner, but at that point they’re no longer inactive so they wouldn’t get to see the banner. On the other hand, mailing people if they’re inactive would be tantamount to spamming them: there is probably a reason they’re no longer active on your forum, so an e-mail to remind them sounds like something most would likely be uninterested in.