XF 1.5 Notices


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Notices that had worked previous no longer work. I remember deleting an addon with notices in the title, but I thought was just to give added features.

Are notices an addon feature, or part of the xenforo script. If the latter is the case, any idea why notices would stop working (and yes, I did try disabling all addons to see if there was a conflict).


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Maybe it's working, but they have a set time range?
Maybe they have conditions like, only show if the user is logged out or in, or this forum, or x y z ..

Maybe set the notice to "can be dismissed: NO", so it always shows, because maybe you've clicked it away and it doesn't show?

Just trying to help double check a few things.

Do new notices also not show?

Yes, Notices is a default xenforo feature. https://xenforo.com/help/notices/


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If you deleted an add-on that added criteria, for example, that criteria will now fail in all cases, which effectively means the notices will no longer be shown. You would need to re-edit the notices, checking the criteria and re-save them to force the "new" criteria to be saved.