XF 2.2 Notices page blank in Admin CP after adding notice

Matt C.

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Good morning,

I was trying to add a notice that only appears on a specific template. I put in the template name in "content view" field and after adding it, the notice list page ("/admin.php?notices/") was completely blank.

Here is what HTML populates.

The only way I was able to fix it, was by removing the notice in phpMyAdmin. I tried a few other "Page criteria" and it seems that they all cause the notice list page to go blank.

Now, the notice I added still showed on the front end. And there were no server error logs.

I tested it on a local installation, and it does not have the same issue. So I thought it may be an add-on. I disabled all add-ons and the issue still persists on my installation, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on.

Thanks for the help.
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