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Fixed Notices behavior while board is set "inactive"


Well-known member
When the option "Board Active" is set to "inactive" and the message about "maintenance" appears on forum home, users that login as registered have all notices appear, even when they closed them before.

It would be great if even in the "maintenance" state, the board would respect the closed notices. Otherwise it is irritating.

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
I agree, but i thin even better would be if that notice was not actually part of the notices system, but a dirty great eye grabbing black across the top of the page, or even a popup.

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
No it does not.

If a notice is closed, it should stay CLOSED under all circumstances.
Other wise there would need to be a disclaimer "you can close this notice if you no longer want to see, however the board reserve the right to make you see it again when we close the forum for maintenance."

So this is a bug IMO due to inconsistent and misleading behaviour of the notices system.

But if there is a reason, ie under what circumstances it is useful to have users' dismissed notices reappear purely due to forum being closed, then that's fair enough - but what could that reason be I wonder?