Notice System Enhancements


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- Button in ACP for "restore all notices for all users".
There can also be additional options, like "restore only notices with criteria xxx".
Or restore only dismissed notices.

- Dismissed notice reoccurring.

For example once a notice is dismissed, it will reoccur again after x days.

- Can choose periodic time or date for notice (dismissable or not).

For example weekly, or every 3 days.

- Can choose more than 1 "User Profile and Options" criteria.
I have to duplicate all notices because I use child languages. When I set the page criteria for "User is browsing with the following language:" , I only can choose 1 language. So I have to duplicate the same notice for the child ones.
Or when someone is offering 5 styles "User is browsing with the following style:". And he wants to display the notice for all styles, he has to create 5 times the same notice so it is displayed in every style.

- Make Page Criteria "boolean OR" or give an option for this.
For example I want to show a notice on forum_list and on node 4. When I choose the criteria for both, the notice won't be displayed. Because the criteria sees it as a "boolean AND". So it is applied when a user is on forum_list template AND at the same time on node 4. Which is not possible of course. So I have to duplicate the notice. One for forum list, one for the node.
I don't understand why the Page Criteria is a "boolean AND" because it makes no sense. You can never be at the same time on 2 different pages.

- Make Custom User Field Criteria a "boolean OR".
Same reason. Now let's say I have 5 CUFields. And when 1 of it is used, I want to display the notice. Now I have to create 5 notices so it works. Because when I select as criteria all 5 fields, it will only display when someone actually used exactly all 5 fields, not when one of them was used.

- Make "User has not visited for at least X days:" work better.
Now it is a good idea to make a reminder for people who were not around for many days. But from what I understand a notice will stay forever once the criteria was fulfilled. So let's say after 10 days of abstinence someone comes back. The notice will be displayed. Now this notice will be displayed forever because the criteria was fulfilled. It won't go away after some time.
Only when you set the notice dismissable. But then again, when once dismissed, the notice will never appear again. So when someone is offline again for 10 days, he won't get the notice.

- Make a new criteria (conditional): "When set criteria was fulfilled, display notice only for xx time."

So let's say I want that someone gets a notice when he has not visited for 10 days. Now when this criteria is fulfilled and he comes back, the displayed notice for him should be displayed only for 1 day.
Or let's say when "user is a guest", then "display notice for 3 days".
Or when "user is logged in", then "display notice for 2 hours."

You don't know when someone visits your site again. When I would use the implemented "Current date and time is after/before:" criteria, it would mostly make no sense. Because from today on I could make it run for 3 days. But people who weren't online in these 3 days, won't see that notice. With this new criteria you woudn't have this problem.

I think the notice system is very powerful, when it is used properly. In my opinion it can replace "stickies" and "announcements". Or at least link to them.
It can be a good reminder for all the new things you have in your forum.
The best thing is, unlike stickies or threads, it is displayed outside of the threads, so they will be noticed and read by people because they are forced to it. If someone doesn't visit the "announcement" forums, he/she will never get the current news about your forum. But not with the notice system. But it is also annoying to see same notice all over again. So we need enhancements, so notices reoccur or only are displayed for xx time.
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