Notice-System (background image)

Just had a quick question about the notice system. I watched the video posted in the Notice Manual here: . Towards the end of the video, there are notices with images as the background.

I tried to apply the html background code but it applied it to the background of my website instead of the notice block. Just needed help on how to apply it to the background of the notice block.
One more question, sorry :p. When I created the notice, I had it "dismissible". After I dismissed it, I then changed it to "Not Dismissible". When I refreshed the page it wouldn't show up again. Would I have to recreate it for the members that already dismissed it?


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Changing a notice contents or parameters doesn't make it visible once again to members who have previously dismissed it.

The easiest thing to do is delete that notice and create a new one.
Another question :). If you look, my first notice contains an image, and my second is just a simple sentence, but the object length is still the size of the images. How would I go about making the block wrap around the text, rather then have a set size?


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All scrolling notices take the height of the largest notice.

You can disable scrolling notices in the ACP and stack them instead if you prefer.